January 12, 2008

finished sock, yarn and more


lots of pictures today:)
Finished the Dennis the menace sock, aren't the colours brilliant?
the yarn is Noro silk garden lite and not sure what to make with 3 balls of it? The colours are lovely and misty

Mr Mog is ok, has had a bad week but he is a little better now. He had his scan Wednesday and then Thursday they rang to say he has to go back for another on Tuesday. He was really depressed at this but once he realised that a lot of folks have to go back for a second one he picked up. He has been tattoed:)) 4 tiny marks to line him up when he starts the radiotherapy. I tease him that now he has these he will want more:))
We got the list of his appointment times for the treatment. Different on each day, lots of 9am which means leaving home around 7.15am with rush hour. Some at 6.30pm also rush hour times. The good thing with the early and late appointments is that we have the rest of the day free. There are some at lunch time but hey a few days out of the 8 weeks isn't bad is it?


BabyLongLegs said...

BIG hugs for Mr Mog

Sarah xXx

blog-blethers said...

I love your socks and the dolls are just stunning!

And wanted to send you and MrMogs health restoring hugs ... will be thinking of you both

The Noro book is great as it features small projects only (and makes Noro a little more affordable for me!). There's a couple of tops, some gloves and SOCKS!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours there.

Do hope things go on well for Mr Mog. How they allocate radio- and chemo- therapy appointments never ceases to amaze me. From people I've known, they seem to give those who live furthest away from the centre the earliest and latest appointments, and to give you different times for each appointment (as if being that unwell wasn't hard enough, they make it doubly hard by giving you lots of things to remember).

Surely there is a computer programme that could work it all out logically, depending on the patients needs and other pertinent variables such as distance etc? And if not, couldn't some university student write it as a course project?

Artis-Anne said...

Totally LOVE my doll and I will treasure it ; thank you so much Amber you are too kind. (have e-mailed you too )Thinking of you both and wish Mr Mog all the best with his treatment.

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