January 17, 2008

Lots of goodies, some bad news and some weird:(

lots of goodies to show you today:) In no particular order because I haven't figured out how to move them about.
Firstly the January socks for the hospice 1st pair are finished. Don't they look gorgeous? Such a great colour.
Thenstarting from the top we have 2 lots of beautiful yarn from Andrea Lum:) I especially like the skein of rainbow colour. Thank you Andrea
Next from Kathleen Rogers Wollmeise spice market. Isn't this rich and opulent? Love the card also, thank you Kathleen.
Next we have some yarn from a ravelry destash. Feltable no less. Don't know what to make with it as yet but no doubt something will suggest itself.
Then a mix of BFL and cashmere yarns and no idea where from? No address on the package but it is from Uk. I love the colours of these and would love to know who sent it please.
This leads nicely but not into the next thing. I have no idea who sent it because I've lost my emails and somehow all my emails were being forwarded to someone else as from last night? I logged on this afternoon to an empty mail box. I phoned virgin and they had no idea what had happened but all my mail was going to some person(female ) on BT here in UK?? I've stopped it now but they couldn't say why it happened. I've lost lots of yahoo/freecylce mail etc but mainly I'm worried that I have lost all personal email. I've emailed the address so we will see if I get a reply.
If you emailed can you please email me again? Also can Kathleen and Andrea let me know their websites so I can link in my hospice list thanks.
Now to the bad news. Specialist rang us today. Mr Mog isn't starting his radiotherapy now on Tuesday:( He has to take 2 weeks minimum of 3 x per day laxatives and 5 days starting tomorrow of enemas:( Apparently his bowel isn't emptying properly.
It is good in one way, at least they are taking steps to minimise the area that will be affected by the radiotherapy. But Mr Mog is dreadfully upset today as it will be at least 3 weeks til it starts and he has to put up with this other stuff. He got a dreadful migraine this afternoon, primarily I'm sure from the phone call.
Off to make him a cup of tea
talk later


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. Why does stuff go wrong (or awol) when you can least afford the time to sort it out....good vibes being sent to you from me and mine to help you sort out...and happy pooping to Himself! Fran

Anonymous said...

All the best to Mr. Mog. I was in a similar situation last year, but thankfully I was spared the chemo and radio therapy in the end. Waiting around and having things postponed is the pits.
Sending healing thoughts.
Vicky (aka Crobbles)

Sarah said...

Sorry for your bad news.

Love your finished socks; hope the knitting is helping you through tough times.

Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes to both of you from the other side of the world - what a nuisance when you get yourself psyched up for something to happen.

Cheers, Judith, Canberra Australia

BabyLongLegs said...

Big hugs and lots of positivity coming from me here in Leicester.
Poor Mr Mog...... :(

Sarah xXx

Needles said...

Sorry to hear the bad new. I hope there is small consolation in some lovely yarn.

I've worked with loft, and I think you will really enjoy it. Its just has such a wonderful feel as it moves through your hands.

Rosie said...

hugs and healing thoughts heading your way from the edge of the Fens.

Artis-Anne said...

Sorry to hear about the change of hopital date for Mr Mog. I too was due to go in this week for my new treatment and now it's been postponed until Feb 5th !!
So frustrating when you have psyched yourself up for it . Do hope his migraine didn't last long.
Yummy looking yarns there to play with :)

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