February 02, 2008

Happy Imbolc, a poem for Brigid

The first new growth of plants peep through
they aren't too sure if its time or no
How do they sense the moment?
Brigid breathes her warmth upon them
she says "wake my children, tis almost time"

The snow lies still upon the ground
fresh snow in places covering the new growth
white snowdrops dance unafraid in the chill
the snow protects as well as harms
new lambs bleat their welcome on Brigid's day

the sun shines without warmth but the promise is there
each day it rises higher in the morning skies
gold of the daffodils as they unfurl their petals slowly
a blessing from Brigid and a promise of spring to come
Imbolc's maiden dancing in the sun and moon

the morning sky when we open our eyes to the dawn
reflects the blue of the water trickling through the woods
emotions, feelings and tears akin to water,water of life
Brigid's well encompasses all within

Imbolc blessings at the turn of the wheel in to the light half of the year.

And as I send out on the cards with my water elementals:-
Of water came I,
from sea and ocean
lake and stream
to water you go when you wish to dream

(c) ambermoggie Imbolc 2008
edited to add blue as Reya and Marianne so rightly said:)


Reya Mellicker said...

This is so beautiful - and true! Green, white and gold, yes! Those are Bridgid's colors ... well .. maybe the deep blue of the healing well, too.

Thank you!

Marianne said...

Beautiful, Amber. Happy Imbolc to you! and yes, I agree with reya, the deep blue of the healing well.

Brahdelt said...

Happy Imbolc! *^v^*

Ruth said...

How do you pronounce imbolc?

If you send me your address, I'll send out sock yarn to you. If you're on Ravelry, you can message me there. Rqavelry name is ruth.

Unfortunately, people stay away because they are so uncomfortable with serious disease. And that's the time you need them. Those folks who stay in touch will be friends forever.

Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Oh, how beautiful! Isn't this Poetry weaving amazing? It is like discovering treasure everywhere we turn!

Thank you for sharing these! Brighid's Bright Blessings to you!
- Beth Owl

Marianne said...

Beautiful addition, Amber, the Blue and Water...

Chris said...


teabird said...

Lovely, Amber! I shall link to your poem...

The Ginger Darlings said...

Hi there ambermoggie, Being ginger and lovers of colour we seem to have been magically drawn across the web of poetry that spun around the world for Bright Brigid and Imbolc yesterday to land at your very door. We too would love to tangle in the bright yarn that is in your house and send you greetings from the wilds of Wales.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

your beautiful words is surely hastening spring's arrival


Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to capture the colors of Imbolc! (Though ours was soggy and green, green green here in California...)

lettuce said...

lovely lovely

and i like the look of your knitting, i will be back

deborahoak said...

oh yes, treasure indeed!!! Love the poem and the blog....I feel rich.

Unknown said...

Very lovely. It made me smile.

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