October 17, 2007

This n that:)

The wonderful Tess from Silkwood has offered to change the wool I had problems with, despite it not being her that sold it to me. Isn't that kind of her? The seller of the yarn hasn't replied to my emails sadly:(
I'm currently on with another earflap hat in mountain colors yarn for my nephews neice.This will be shown when it is felted.
Beshlie's husband is Dominic Reeve and the books he wrote about their life on the road are:-
Whichever way we turn
No place like home
and the latest one just published I think is- Beneath the blue sky, 4 decades of a travelling life in Britain
All three arrived from the library this morning so guess what the mogs will be reading tonight:)
Mr Mog had his first implant injection this morning and it went well, thanks for all the kind thoughts. The area is bruised and a little painful but he said not as bad as he expected.
We had a dreadful night last night, no sleep hardly. Mr Mog was frozen most of the night despite extra covers etc. I think the worry over today most probably did it, I know it did for me.
I went in the surgery with him and the sister was wonderful, explained fully what was happening and what effects there would be.
We got a letter with another appointment for him to see the consultant to discuss what results and what treatment would be, bearing in mind treatment has started. First letter was for day before the operation which would have been really great don't you think? Here is what we think, here is treatment have you any questions? I had phoned to say we would like earlier one and surprise that came today, to be a month after the operation? So on the phone again and provisionally we now have one for 30th or 31st October. Enquiring minds wonder why they couldn't have done that in the first place.
I'm thinking of a couple of days away if Mr Mog can take the travelling. Hoping to go and see his only aunt who is nearly 90. She lives in Clacton so I'm leaving it with Mr Mog to let me know if he is up for it.
We were supposed to go to a funeral on Friday, the lady we were going to see in Cumbria last week. Sadly she died Sunday. We've decided not to go to the funeral as it is a long way there and back for just 20 minute service.
Please Goddess no more deaths for a while.

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Craftydramaqueen said...

Glad u got some more Silkwood. Shame on the seller.
Hope Mr Mog is ok.

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