October 24, 2007

Finished:)) My ISE shawl is finally done:)

Not easy to see on the play mats but my ISE shawl is finished. I have just noticed when I look at it that I went wrong:( However I'm following nanny Effie's lead on this, she always taught me that if you made someone something a small deliberate mistake was needed to show you weren't competing with the goddess for perfection. So my pal when you get this shawl I hope that the mistake doesn't put you off, I love the drape of the shawl and the colour. More pictures once it is dry and I can pose it on a neutraL background.
Mr Mog is really feeling the cold now and is not sleeping well at all. His hospital appointment came through for the operation, he goes in on the 12th November for unknown ammount of days. They crossed the 3days off that was printed on what was presumably standard letter


Brahdelt said...

It's so true, we cannot allow the Evil Gnome of Perfection overtake what we do and create, there must be some space for a little bit of imperfections here and there, to prove that we are human beings, not machines. I really want to see the exact colour of you shawl, it looks violet/green/blue on the play mats. ^^
Sorry to hear that Mr. Mog isn't feeling well, I keep you both in my warmest thoughts!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Hey it could just be that they think he won't need three days in! Keep both of you warm and cuddly - sending a soft blanket of love over from Ireland.

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