October 18, 2007

2 wonderful SP parcels:))

Not one but 2 fabulous parcels arrived today from my SP:) September and October gift packages and this pal has me sussed:))
My September package is centered around my learning to knit socks. Now we all know my sock problems don't we? My SP is determined to help me and what a way to do so. A DVD by Lucy Neatby:) I'd heard of her and I'd heard good reports on her sock DVd but the mog being the mog, I thought it would be a waste of time my sending for it. Let me tell you this is the key to my tackling socks. She explains it so clearly and makes it look simple. I am going to cast on soon as I finish posting so watch this space(GG) To go with the dvd as if that wasn't enough my SP sent some gorgeous fyberspates sock yarn in purples. Isn't it pretty? And do you see the purple needles along side? There is also a blank journal for me that tones nicely with the other gifts and a cat card. I love my cat cards from you SP they always make me smile:) The blank journal is perfect because I've just filled my last one and I've started journalling again recently to get me through all the stuff that is going on.
Thank you for an ideal gift.
BUT; look at October. Are we sensing a colour theme? My cup runneth over. See the little moggie in the knitted sweater? See what she is surrounded by?
5 , yes 5 skeins (295 gms) of mohair boucle from Victoria Smedley Mobair. I'd never heard of her or her yarns but they are top quality, scrumptious and rich colours. A shawl do I hear you saying?? Could be or does anyone have other ideas for this yarn.Has to be something special:)
SP, you are a treasure and you brightened up the day tremendously. The only trouble is do I start socks, do I start the mohair??? Decisions, decisions:) But what great decisions to make
Thank you so much, the moggie is well chuffed:)

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yvette said...

What fabulous parcels, Mobair and fyberspates yarns are gorgeous, have fun.

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