October 06, 2007

Sursa finished and ISE started (again)Wooden needles

A mix for you today:) A picture of the enchanting Lydia wearing the finished Sursa shawl in Kureyon with mohair border.
The second start of my wrap for the ISE exchange. Iris shawl from Jessica Fong. Yarn a mix of 2 colours as I loved them both:) handpainted I think mix of yarn.
As you know I did get to around 18inches into this shawl before I made a silly mistake and couldn't tink because of the YOs. Yes, yes I know lifelines and this time I think maybe I should use them. In fact will place one soon as I finish speaking with you.
I love this pattern its so gorgeous. You can't really see it unblocked but trust me and the yarn has silk in so has a fabulous sheen and silky feel to it. I hope you swap partner likes it.
The final picture is what I found in a store today a set of lovely wooden needles. They range from 2mm up to 6.5mm and are delightful to touch. I don't use fine needles so if anyone wants to swap the 2mm, 3mm and 3.5 mm for something let me know
Thank you for all the support you've sent me to face this horrible time we are having. I do appreciate it. I had to go for tests yesterday for my heart and as I sat there giving blood it overwhelmed me the thought of the funeral and all the stuff that goes with my nephews death. There are accusations and counter accusations from various members of my dusfunctional family and frankly I'm so so glad I don't have anything to do with most of them. The funeral appears to be a time for them to get drunk and fight, now that will really honour my nephews life won't it? His wife is in hospital being induced with their 3rd child. I'd thought she had had him as his name was in the deaths notices as one of their children. Poor soul going through all this, my heart goes out to her.
You know there aren't any winners in this:(

On a happier note my lovely Mr Mog came in from the garden yesterday and asked me how many cvompartments for yarn would I need? I know you are as confused as I am aren't you?
He has made me a box with 3 compartments for yarn with 3 holes in the lid. So I can knit without the balls of yarn getting tangled, isn't he a sweetie? He just has to make slits in the top so that when I want to put yarn I'm working on in or out we can do. Neither of us thought of how we would get the yarn out when it was attached to knitting:))
photos later I hope. He is doing ok at the minute. Hes had several days of the hormones to date and has 3 more weeks of these pills to go. He starts the injections in a weeks time and they will be monthly. I'm hopeful now and keeping my fingers crossed for a good result. Haven't got our appointment with the consultant yet but we do have a mail strike at the minute which isn't helping.
I'm currently trying to find a new ISP. Have totally had it with Virgin:( They have now put me down to 512kbps and say its all my line will allow, despite my receiving up to 3 megs up to 2 weeks ago. I've been hanging on with premium rate phone lines for ages for past few days to no avail. Final straw was yesterday when after queing for 35 minutes for a MAC code to leave them, they answered and as soon as I asked for MAC code the guy at the other end disconnected me. Tell you what after many years with them I've had it. Now to find a new reliable fast ISP
watch this space.


Anonymous said...

bless your dear heart with all that's going on you're still knitting away for someone else. sending you good knit karma thoughts and prayers to you both.

Roobeedoo said...

Just caught up with the blogs today. Keep knitting. Just keep knitting and it will get you through. Hugs.

dreamcatcher said...

Such sad news, not really words for something like that :-(

Glad to hear Mr Mog is doing OK, and kudos to him for the yarn box :-)

Craftydramaqueen said...

Still thinking of you both xx

Trudie said...

I found Waitrose to be a very good ISP, reliable, and with free customer service phone line.

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