October 14, 2007

FFO:( failed finished object

I made a hat for Mr Mog,s nephews daughter. For her 2nd birthday. I used some silkwood supposedly 100% wool yarn. I purchased from a seller on ebay, not silkwood themselves. I fully expected to be able to felt the hat, being as it is supposed to be 100% wool NOT superwash. I washed it twice, second time at 90 degrees. It didn't felt as you can see. Not only did it not felt, it has gone all thin and yucky feeling. Ignore the fluff balls that was me at final desperation point tumbledrying hoping that would work. It didn't
So back to the drawing board and PROPER 100% wool for hat #2.
I've emailed the seller to let her know. Anyone want 150 gms approx of silkwood yarn non felting?
Mr Mog is feeling so tired most of the time now from the pills and he feels the cold more poor love:( I'm exploring the possibilities of a sweater for him. Something easy and warm.
He is awake more in the night with cold even though we have more covers on. All I can do is cuddle him. We had a glorious day in the lake district Friday. We started out in cockermouth and had a cr**p lunch. Place was busy and looked ok food was rubbish. Supposedly Waberthwaite bacon tasted like cheap and nasty bacon . High prices as well even though the season is over. After eating we found loads of other places, sods law of course:) We will know in future. Anyone going to Cockermouth its just at the bottom of the road where Oxfam is next to antique shop. Some good shops there, its been a while since we browsed. A gorgeous shop Banyan Tree with Colinette yarn and the most tactile felted bags imaginable at only £42 each. Oh if I'd had the money:)) As Mr Mog said if we hadn't had the 2 sandwiches and coffee and tea I'd be over a quarter there already. There was another wool shop near the bridge with Noro. I purchased a card deck from Oxfam for 99p the nude in art cards. Lovely old painting and great for if I get back to making collages or ATCs. One card missing but at 99p a cheap buy for Oxfam. I also got the most divine book from them Travellers Joy by Beshlie. She is a traveller and paints the most lovely plants. The book is all about the weeds she saw on her travels, their name and gipsy name and what they are used for. Each 2 page spread is a page of details and then the painting. Look her up on amazon or google. I've ordered some of her other books from the library and 2 by her husband Dominic about their life on the road. From here we went over Whinlatter pass to see the autumn colours, although it was misty we enjoyed it greatly. As you drop down from Whinlatter into Keswick the views are stunning. Keswick was very busy but boy are there a stack of outdoor shops now. Most of the quirky shops are gone and seems like every other shop sells rambling stuff. So sad after all the years of the artist shops.
We then headed to Lakeland at Windermere for some Goes with everything salt and ginger sauce. I wanted some lemon oil rose oil and orange oil for cooking. The lemon has gone up to £10.50 a bottle and they no longer do orange or rose. I'll browse on line I think instead.
We had a thoroughly inspiring day out and Mr Mog was muchly distracted from his worries which is what I wanted.


Anonymous said...

Commenting from out here in readerbuthaventcommented much land.

For warmth in bed? in a word: socks. I have nice fat ones knit with real wool and a strand of mohair. They don't look classy ( unless you're a woodsman) but they are WARM :)

Rosie said...

Sounds like a fanulous day (apart from the bacon, boo, hiss). I love Beshlie's books but didn't know her husband had written any. Could you give some mroe info, as I'd love to read them!

Roobeedoo said...

Could be the medicine making him shivery and sleepless - have you checked the leaflets / with GP? FL is often up all night sitting by the radiator with a blanket around him. Flannelette pjs are a wonderful thing - and handknitted bedsocks!

ravelling said...

A lovely day out! I can get lost in the Lakeland shops for hours. Hope to be heading over to the Lakes next week. It's a shame about all the arty shops going.

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