October 26, 2007

proof of the sock knitting:)

Ta daa
my sock progress:)
I'm very pleased with it to date, time will tell when I get to the dividing and knitting aka the turn the heel part:)
Very very tired today, no sleep at all last night. Mr Mog's hormones have kicked in good and proper. He was very cold all night and very tearful, some of the cancer op I am sure and some the hormone injections. What is a moggie to do> I cuddled him and held him close all night and I think it helped. But it plays havoc with one's system not sleeping, we are both zombies today. Ah well sleep tonight maybe?

1 comment:

Bryony Ramsden said...

Lovely lovely lovely sock! Gorgeous colours!

Poor Mr M though :( Big hugs to BOTH of you.

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