October 31, 2007

Mr Mog and yes the squirrels are red:)

We went to the hospital today to get Mr Mog's results and discuss treatment etc.
The good news was the cancer isn't in his bones:)) Bad news is that the type he has and severity he can't have chemo and there isn't a cure. However this operation on 13th November will help. He will be in hospital around 5 days, no strenuous stuff for 6 weeks approx and no driving. Worst thing for him is the no cycling:(
Then he starts radiotherapy. As things go it wasn't too bad, we knew it couldn't be cured by them offering the treatment they did. But hey if he can be my Mr Moggie who enjoys life then I don't care.
He is worried how I will be while he is away and for visiting etc. There is a dial a bus service here I believe and I'll be checking that out. Worst case scenario if friends /family coming in to see to me isn't enough I'll go and stay with my daughter. But I'm an independent moggie so that is something I hope I don't need.
So good and bad stuff. This week we want to go out and about some of our favourite places while Mr Mog can still do so, doubt we will spend much time at home if we can help it:))
And in answer to Rosie yes they are red squirrels and are cheeky little things:)


Marianne said...

Holding you both close, and sending the best of wishes and good thoughts.

Diane said...

You said it very well, if he can be himself and enjoy life then that's the most important thing of all.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Wonderful for the bones, not so wonderful for the rest. BUT, you do right deciding to do what you can while you can.

Big hugs.

Angela Cox said...

I hope you are able to stay home Amber . I was so lucky when Jeff was away in hospital that Holly was home . I feel for you. If it helps to talk to us all via blogs then do so . I have to warn you "Patientline" is VERY expensive but just a word with a loved one each day is a help.Thinking hard about you both , angie , Jeff and Holly x

Roobeedoo said...

Thinking of you both. At least you can knit on the bus! FL tells me that radiotherapy is miraculous - it took the pain away almost instantly for him - that has to be a good thing!

Digitalgran said...

I'm glad the news is good as it can be under the circumstances. As you say if your Mr Moggie can still enjoy life, then that's good.
Hope you will be able to cope with the visiting.

Rosie said...

Sending hugs and thinking of you.

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