October 25, 2007

A little magic for you all:)

Try this website for a little amazing magic:) Not sure how she does it but it is great. 5 times out of 5 it picked the correct one:)


Tan said...

Well that is really weird. It got it right every time for me, too. I was careful not to move the mouse or anything once I was through picking next.

Tan said...

I showed it to my daughter, a math whiz and programmer, and she told me how it works:

"whatever number you start with, when you subtract the 2 digits, apparently you always end up with a number divisible by 9, so altho all the symbols seem random, all the ones that are multiples of 9 are the same as each other, and it always just shows whatever that symbol is. I was not aware of this math trick, but it seems to be accurate for all 2 digit numbers. nifty. :)"

Each time you run the game the symbols are shuffled randomly, but the multiples of 9 will be the same on that run.

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