October 06, 2007

Going pink for Breast Cancer

The Moggie has gone pink as much as I can for this month for Breast Cancer
Not sure how to change the backgroud colour though.

I think this is a great way to make people think, have you checked your breasts lately? Please do and help stop this killer. I'll be asking my friends and family the same question, will you?


Anonymous said...

I've been checked twice so far this year, well, three times if you count last December. They did find something abnormal and did a biopsy, but it was non-cancerous at the time. Will probably be checked again either in Dec. or Jan. It's scary and it is hitting younger and younger women. So no matter the age, it's good to go for a baseline!! I'm only 38.

Take care of yourselves!! I am thinking about you and Mr. Mog lots lately!! You are in my prayers.


Brahdelt said...

I'm having the check up on the 18th Oct, preplanned months ago because I have some natural lump in my left breast and I have regular checkups on it, just to be sure it won't change into something unpleasant.
Love and hugs to you, you are through some very difficult time right now so hang on!

Stacie said...

I signed up to join the international scarf exchange via ravelry but don't know how to do that with the blog officially--is that official enough? 8^)

At ravelry I am keramoso--

Priestess~Harper said...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and since March have had two differant sets of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy and am about to start radiotherapy. Ladies, check your boobs and see the doctors _immediately_ if you feel that something isn't right! And age has nothing to do with it ~ I was 38 when diagnosed.

Linda said...

Thank you for your comment x Isn't the shawl lovely in your last post.

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