October 27, 2007

A gorgeous gift from Jo and sock progress

Look what came through my letterbox this morning:) A gift from the delightful Jo
Sorry about the picture quality but mohair isn't easy to photograph. Isn't the yarn beautiful? Thank you Jo I will enjoy knitting this up soon as I've finished my sock.
The sock? Well folks here you see a picture of the progress to date, I've turned the heel, picked up the stitches and I'm knitting away on the way down the foot. Next step the toe still tyo come but I actually think this time there is a possibility of finishing don't you? This will be a solitary sock, a sock to treasure and never ever wear. An antique of the future.
Then a pair possibly to be made for moi, or Mr Mog? Yes I think Mr Mog needs the first pair don't you?
Tomorrow we are going to Center Parcs at Whinfell Forest in the Lake District. My daughter and the family have gone for a long weekend to celebrate my elder grandsons birthday and they have asked us to come for the day as their guests. It is probably the only time we will ever get to a Center parcs so we are both really looking forward to the day. Lets hope the weather is dry as its rained most of the day here.


Marianne said...

Lovely gift. But oh, Amber! your sock! it's beautiful and I am so very proud of you!
I'm thinking... definitely Mr.Mog should get the first pair, from there it won't take you long to make yourself a pair.. you'll wonder why you waited so long :^)

maylin said...

That is a gorgeous sock. I used to live near a Centre Parc and had friends who worked there and got me in for free. It is v relaxing especially the sauna. Enjoy. Hugs to you and Mr Mog.

Roobeedoo said...

That is a LOVELY sock! Please don't let it languish alone in the drawer! Hugs to both of you.

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