May 31, 2010

Summer colours knitting

I thought you might like to see current projects I've got on and off the needles.
Firstly the current progress on my Noro sock yarn shawl. Grown a little, takes a while as it is sock yarn. This will be passed on when finished. Not my colours exactly though close. Also being sock yarn will be a nice light shawl for someone.
Second is my favourite:) This is the handspun, red hot chilli pepper I spun from falkland tops purchased from Mandacrafts at Wonderwool.
I'm making the Vixen shawl with it. What do you think?
Third is a finished item. Yet another Elsewhere jacket. This time made in acrylic (hush) from James Brett. This will be being passed on, the colour is too pastel for me. I wanted to make an acrylic jacket to see how it would wear as all my other Elsewheres pill being pure wool. Well I've made it but don't want to wear it now it is done:)
Someone will like it I am sure.


Jude said...

I would be interested in being the new owner of your Elsewhere. You probably don't remember me - we met at woolfest and I am paraknit on Ravelry and my husband did some woolwinding. I am happy to pay you or donate to p/hop or a charity of your choice.
I love your blog but don't get round to commenting often


aniexma said...

Love Vixen - I've gone and queued it on Ravelry. Looks to be the perfect non-sock sock-yarn project.

Enid said...

All three projects are verrrrrry nice. but I especially love the colour of Vixen

Kathy said...

I really love the Vixen shawl. The colors are so vibrant.

I'm pretty much a lurker here (I have posted once before) but I wanted to let you know I have an award for you on my blog. It's the Jhem Terriac blog and not the knitting one.

I really enjoy your blog and have gained a lot from reading it. I especially love the femmes.

Roobeedoo said...

Ooh I love that Vixen - must go and look it up!

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