May 28, 2010

Energies , fire and Essex

Fire and energy the things that give us our get up and go.

They make us who and what we are.

Without fire we wouldn't do anything. It warms our blood it sparks our passions.
It is the doing part of us.

We need fire to keep us warm.
The sun is fire. If the world didn't have the sunlight it would be a dead planet:( No life, lost.

We are like that also.
If we have no energy we don't want to do anything, we can't be bothered.

We harness the sun's power within us.
No sunshine - no vitamin D.
Winter blues, SAD all symptoms of the effect winter can have on us.

In our spiritual lives fire is considered to work our spells, our magic. Air is the idea, the thought. Fire is the creative idea released and made form.
The doing of the spell.

In our lives we need all the five elements to function fully.
Earth, air, fire ,water and spirit.

Fire is the fuel.

Wearing red, orange deepest golds can make us feel better. It mimics the sun's effect.
Red is passion.
I always imagine divas wearing red and bossing people around.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire elements:
From Wiki The Fire signs exhibit righteousness. These people conform to the standard of moral law. They do what is right and are known for their sense of fair play. They are truthful, straight-forward, just, upright and virtuous in their dealings with other people. The Fire signs are the true warriors. They demonstrate courage, fortitude, zeal and pugnacity. They have the mental and moral strength that enables them to venture into unknown waters and to persevere and withstand danger. They seldom show fear and are confident in their actions. They have mettle, resolution, and tenacity. They can face danger or difficulty without flinching or retreating. They will fight for their principles and have a stubborn persistence that is unwilling to recognize defeat. They have grit, back bone, guts, and are willing to keep fighting under all odds. They are aggressive and thrive on challenge. The Fire signs are of a spiritual nature. They have a nature that gives them physical energy, strength and vital powers. Their essential characteristic qualities are liveliness, energy, ardor, enthusiasm, courage and action. They have a firm, courageous and assertive disposition which is their most characteristic quality. The emotional nature of the Fire sign is goal oriented. These people like to win or be the best in anything they pursue. Their aggressive nature makes them just one big ego. There is nothing more stimulating to them than to win, and there is nothing more depressing to their ego than to lose. They strive to be the center of attention and are at home when showing-off. They are straight-forward and have no reservations about hurting the feelings of others by their forthrightness. The main virtue of this sign is being just and right

In the Tarot the main card I symbolise for Leo particularly is the Strength card/ It is often shown with a lion or cat pictured.
For me one of its meanings is strength in a partnership. Bossy but well meaning.
A need to organise, to take control.
Wiki has various meanings for this card. I'm just giving you what works often in my readings:) Maybe the Leo influence coming across.

You do have to be careful when harnessing fire energy. It can be easy to overdo it and very soon to be depleted and listless.
Always keep a little spark back inside for you.

If I am feeling low I visualise red and orange surrounding me.
I go outside if it is sunny and feel the sun caressing my body, renewing my inner spark.
The blood coursing through my veins revitalising me.
I see sparks coming from my fingers. A lightning aura around me, healing soothing and renewing.

The page above is from my book Travelling light by Brian Andreas. I love the take on auras.

Fire burns but think of bracken fires.

When the bracken burns it burns away the dead wood allowing new growth to come forth.

Let the spiritual fire burn away the negativity thus making space for new ideas and a new self.

Sometimes we don't want to let go.
We are scared to move on in our journey.
Fire gives us that permission to be and to live.

While thinking of fire many images and ideas came to mind.

The first 3 chakras are red, orange and yellow. All fire colours
image from Under the Bodhi Tree, an interesting website to browse if you are interested in the chakra system.
Sunrise, noon and sunset all powerful times to work magic.

So Essex,
we have to go down to Aunt next week to sort some things out as she is going into a care home today. Are there any must sees while we are there?
We weren't going to rush there and back. Will be staying in her old house one night but not too comfortable for longer really.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A timely post for me, thanks! I have returned to work after surgery and feel tired. Today I will visualize red and orange light around me!

Blue Witch said...

Interesting post.

I am a Sagitarrian with no physical (but lots of creative) energy, despite being a barely-contained pyromaniac.

Do you absolutely *have* to come down next week? I'd put it off until the week after if you *possibly* can - it is half term and it will be H-E-L-L on the roads, in the shops, at the coast, everywhere... indeed, I am planning to hibernate, all week. But, I could be persuaded to come out to meet up somewhere?

Kandi said...

Thank you for sharing these thoughts on fire and passion. Fire is a great mover. I am glad to see that you show both sides. Balance is important to me. Thank you for sharing both.

Many Spring Blessings to One and All!!

Suzi Smith said...

Fiery sunsets & low red full moon in sagittarius... the fire is there around us... we can just breathe it in! great post ((x))

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