May 17, 2010


Today the sun is shining and everywhere looks beautiful. It always lifts my spirits when the sun shines even if it is a day like today where the pain is really bad.

As a distraction I thought I would show you some of my current projects.

Firstly Elsewhere I may be blue:) This is of course my favourite pattern the Elsewhere jacket.

I'm making this one in acrylic (shush) I love the ones I've made from Blue faced Leicester but as always with pure wool they do pill badly. I'm wondering how this will wear. Watch this space.
For acrylic it doesn't look too bad does it? It is James Brett marble DK and it works to the aran pattern beautifully.
Next up a shawl in Noro Kureyon sock yarn. I dislike this yarn for socks but love the Noro colourways so I thought I'd see how it worked up as a shawl. I like it.

My third picture is the latest fibre on the wheel. I purchased this at Wonderwool Wales from Mandacrafts this is the link to amandas etsy shop. She sells organic Falkland tops and the colours are delicious.
Guess what colourway this is?

Did you guess it is red hot chilli pepper and aptly named I would say:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Acrylic?! You astonish me. But pilling is a nuisance, it's true.

Blue Witch said...

The weather and sunlight certainly helps, doesn't it? I've put nearly 5kg of fleece through the electric carder today, so am feeling it now... Have given up on the extra crimpy BFL though - took it to a local-ish mini-mill, whose owner couldn't stop fondling it. Said he was lookign forward to processing it for me and that I would be amazed at the product. Rather him than me!

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