May 19, 2010

With clogs on

Look what I found on the rug this morning.
I thought it was rather noisy last night. It would appear that the fairy folk party with clogs on:)

Strangely enough I used to have clogs like these and loved them. They were made for me by a clog maker who used to have a shop near Lancaster some years ago. He made clogs to measure. When I was a child I used to wear clogs a lot, they were supposed to strengthen my weak joints. Can't say I noticed any difference but I did love the noise they made when you walked:)

I found these in a charity shop the other day and had to have them. At 20p for the 2 pairs they haven't exactly broke the bank. I thought I may make 2 femmes to wear them. Not my normal figures something to honour my nan perhaps?
I'm having a rough time at the moment. Burning neck and shoulders and much pain. To add to all my normal stuff my feet are cracked very badly not just the heels but on the ball of my foot. Makes putting my feet down very painful.

We attended the Tynedale spinners gathering at the weekend and really enjoyed it. Many ravellers there to meet up with both new and old friends. The journey to Stocksfield was beautiful, clear skies and we could see for miles.
Still in the process of clearing MiL's house prior to it being put on the market to fund her care. An incredible amount of junk to get rid of. We have given the charity shop the saleable items but some stuff is only fit for recycling. Years of old envelopes in various states of decay. Old food containers similar. Not items that have any purpose sadly.


Lynn said...

Amber, So much of "cleaning" in the house of a loved one is so difficult. Whether they have passed on, or are ill, getting rid of their "stuff" is hard. Things that they cherished for years, or thought they would be needing, is only so much "junk" to others. I have been through this more times than I would like. My thoughts are with you, and hope that the pain will be more bearable for you.
Love and Blessings, Lynn

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's the thing about clogs -- impossible to sneak up on anyone while wearing a pair!

Blue Witch said...

Clearing out someone else's life is awful, isn't it? Hope you feel better soon.

Blue Witch said...

Just thought - do you know about the wonder of Flexitol Heel Balm? Mends cracks... second only to soaking your feet in your own, erm, wee, a chiropodist once told me (apparently it's the urea in them that does the magic).

laoi gaul~williams said...

cute clogs!
i had a pair made for me by the company up at hebden bridge~walkleys i think they were, back about 22 years ago (good grief i suddenly feel old!) they had copper toe caps and celtic knotwork pattern~i keep thinking of getting another pair :)

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear not feeling well, but your 'Years of old envelopes in various states of decay' seems strangely familiar

Blue Witch said...

I have a suspicion he means me rather than his Nan... :)

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