May 20, 2010


I want memorabilia.
I want paper records.
I want faded photos, sepia coloured and curling at the edges -
with long gone relatives.
I want tickets that meant something to someone, kept because they commemorated a special event.
I want faded flowers -
an old bouquet from an admirer or swain of decades ago. Someone who my gran or great gran cared for and cared enough to keep the memories.
I want memories you can touch and smell, the faded beauty of generations past.
I want to weave stories around the things left to us, fantastic stories to honour the paper history of our ancestors.
A computer screen of digital images doesn't do it for me.
I want to show my grandchildren letters wrapped up in faded silks.
I want to talk about my grandparents or their parents and show pictures of them.
I want to talk about the scandals as well as the romance.
For after all, where we came from made us who we are.


Blue Witch said...

Me too. There are so many photos taken these days, but I'll bet fewer of them survive into the future than, say, those taken 30 years ago.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, there's something so special about seeing and holding actual memorabilia from long ago, isn't there? Seeing a photo on a computer screen is not the same at all! It's much too impersonal.

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