May 30, 2010

Travel stone circles and colour

I have a wanderlust and it fills me with a desire to journey.

To travel to places known and unknown. A need to see what is beyond the next hill.
A real urge to go places far and wide.
Sometimes I wake up and my feet itch to go to new places. From a child I've had the desire to be outside a lot. When I had my children and couldn't take long journeys I walked round the block.
Or up to the beach to watch the tides. Anything to be out and to feel the wind and sun on my face.

To soak up the energies of the earth.
I can remember precious moments on the cliff top on stormy days and nights, feeling the spray, tasting the salt. Barely able to keep upright with the power of the wind.
Screaming into the tide with joy. Having so much energy inside that I could almost float on the feeling.
Going to sacred places where the energy was so different.
A slow drumbeat wrapping itself around me, inside me.
Showing a very faint glimpse of the energies that lie there.

Despite the abuse and the commercialisation the magic is still there at Stonehenge, at Castlerigg.
Stronger still at more unspoilt places such as Long Meg or Men an Tol.

Swinside was a favourite of mine as a child when the journey was easier. I loved going there and sitting, listening to the elements, to the circle itself.

There are so many places I hold dear too many for this blog post. Some are circles, but many woods and forests, beaches hold the same mystery for me.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, when the weather turns nice, our thoughts turn to travel and adventure! Let's shake off the winter doldrums!

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