June 05, 2010

Why is it?

Why is it do you think that despite preferring to knit with double knit or thicker I have this urge to spin laceweight?

This is around double knit and fine for me to use. I can feel the yarn as I knit and enjoy the knitting.
Aran or chunky also I love for knitting with.

My hands are so bad now that I can't really feel fine yarns as they pass through my fingers.

Because of said hand problems laceweight yarn isn't a good idea. It gets knit up, witness the shawls I've done.
It isn't easy and it hurts but I do it .


Because of course.

So when I took this latest fibre out of the pine chest why didn't I listen to the sensible me?
Granted it is my first merino cashmere blend (from Mandacrafts when we were at Wonderwool.)
It is so soft and luscious and would have spun perfectly into a double knit weight yarn for me to knit.
But I couldn't opt for the easy option could I? I decided that I would try and spin as fine as I possibly could with this fibre.
I think I want to make a shawl with it.
The colours in the spun fibre are more true to life than in the loose fibre above and I've a yen for a Samhain shawl from it.
Maybe to ply a little glitter thread when I finally get to plying.
Because you do know that this will take a lot of spinning at laceweight don't you?
So why?


Just Me said...

Do you still have any of your shawls for sale? I'm interested in purchasing one for me. I know I can knit one for myself but after knitting one for my daughter I'm not so keen to knit another. I don't think shawl knitting is for me :) You can contact me at my Gmail acct.

Earthenwitch said...

Beautiful pictures, and gorgeous colours, as ever.

Blue Witch said...

This problem is what I hear Guild Ladies discussing more than anything else. Your spinning is better than theirs, mind :)

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