May 09, 2010

Magic of stage and stadiums

This post was going to have more in it but sadly the volcanic ash spoilt that.

We were supposed to be going here last night to see these two but Dave was stuck in Munich due to the ash so it didn't go ahead sadly.
Not often the Mogs get out of an evening. As a friend said yesterday "you'll be coming home in the dark:) "
One of our friends used to work with the bikers and had mentioned going to see them in Blackpool. He very kindly got us tickets to go with them. There will be another time I'm sure.
This is the rest of the post.

There is magic in any live show. Be it music or the theatre it matters not.

The ability of the actors or artists to transport us to a place of their making, their imagination.

What is it about a theatre or stadium that wraps around us and makes us believe?

You wonder why I say believe?

What else can it be called that transforms an ordinary man or woman into a magician, a witch?

What else could it be that makes words or music transform into a magic of time and place?

For the time we are in that theatre or stadium, or gig we are totally wrapped up in the fantasy performed there.

Who has not taken a deep breath at the end of an opera or play and come back into the now with a little regret that it has ended?

Who has not left a live gig buzzing with energy and joy? Exhilarated beyond words.
If that isn't magic I don't know what is.

Maybe the transmutation of lead into gold could be a metaphor for this?

Ordinary men and women get up on that stage and are themselves transformed also, for the magic works both ways.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Too bad! *shakes fist at volcano* But what can you do, eh?

Blue Witch said...

I just can't enjoy concerts, films etc any more due to the inconsiderate behaviour of other people - on their phones, or sending text messages, or even talking about completely different things while the artist is performing. So, I don't go.

Freyalyn said...

What a pity you missed the HBs - great fun live, we saw them from a distance in Accrington a year or two ago.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

What a pity that you missed watching the Hairy Bikers. They are the only cookery show that I watch on TV.
Hope that you are keeping well xx

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