May 29, 2010

Elements thoughts on

Air is inspiration, the spark of an idea, winds , mountain tops.
An eagle flying.
Go with it feel the air around you and within you.

Fire, see the sun feel its warmth within you and without.
Fire is the energy you need to work the ideas. It is the passion you feel for someone or something.
It can consume you, you become it and from the ashes the new you appears.

Water- see a lake, a pool of silver blue water that shows darker further away.
Go in to it and float, feel the water moving around you. It takes you onwards and inwards.
You feel a deep pull inside and feelings well up. Feelings of of love, sometimes of loss.
You have felt water, it is emotions and your tears. The biggest part of our bodies.
Water gives you the feeling to work the magic for without our feel for life and love we are merely shells.
We come from water in our mother's womb.

Earth, walk towards a wood full of different trees. Oak, ash , holly, hawthorn and many more. As you enter the woods you smell the rich earth. You taste its bounty.
Earth is the plane we live on and the place where magic takes place. The place where the results appear.
Earth grounds us and we return to it after our work on the spiritual or astral plane.
Our physical bodies also return to earth when this cycle is over for us.

Spirit. When meeting the elements the feelings you get from each and your reaction to each is coloured by who you are.
The spark inside that is your true self, your spirit.
The unique personal element that is you.

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