May 09, 2010


Sometimes I still wake up full of energy and get up and go.

It isn't often and it doesn't last but if I don't go with the flow I regret it.

If I turn over for just a few minutes more sleep then the second time of wakening is never as good. I will always be weary and lacking with energy from not seizing the moment and being in the now.
Today was a wake up early day. A time of sun and light and early morning choruses. A heron slowly passing the bedroom window. Not often seen as we live on an estate of many houses and small gardens.
Not a flight path to early morning feeds.
And yet,
Our neighbours at the back have a pond. Could it be that old longshanks tried their waters for his morning repast?
You don't have to be in tiny hamlets buried deep in the country to see nature.

The sunsets from my window are stunning, the colour ranging from blush pinks through fire red and orange to deepest purples and velvet blues.
The sunrise over the factory roof at the back of the house. The roof that reminds me of Glastonbury Tor each time I see it.
As the sky lightens with rising Sol its colours are a more pastel version of sunset.

In my tiny urban garden I've seen goldfinches, blackbirds and magpies. I've seen buzzards lazily riding the thermals above . I've heard far more birds but don't recognise their songs.
Of course living near the sea we get our fair share of raucous seagulls, yet they too have a beauty all their own.

In Winter and Spring we see and hear the wild geese as they travel over on their way to feeding grounds. Their mournful cry reminds us that Winter for us is but a lush feeding time for them.

I often imagine myself high on the wing following the leader to who knows where?
A trip across strange lands and with oceans spied below as we pass over.

Imagination necessary when pain threatens to overcome.

Somewhere to travel in the mind and try to take away the raw hurting for even a moment.

Yes I do feel handicapped often by this disease.

I'd love to travel physically to places far and wide, to be able to stride across forests and up mountains. To be able to dance in moonlight on sea shores.

To be able to grasp life and all it offers ALL the time and not have to sip at brief parts of it.
Yet I do have my imagination and my mind pictures.

I can go anywhere I choose with them.

Who says the journey has to be on foot?

The pictures are today's haul from the car boot. An amber bracelet for me. A village for Mr Mog and his outdoor railway. The solitary cottage is aptly named Spinner's Cottage and this theme was kept with the books I also found.


Sea said...

The numbers of goldfinches seem to be on the increase. Not that I mind as they are beautiful little birds, with a wonderful song

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The internet is great for traveling around the world too!

helen said...

Hi Amber

Imagination is an enormously wonderful thing, very intimate and special, totally unique to the individual. I am thankful for you sharing some of yours here on your blog today, and all your treasures, the cottages look so pretty and the bracelet is adorable. I have that spindle book too, its a very quick lesson in using a drop spindle.

Using your imagination to travel away during painful moments is what I do myself and it helps enormously for me too. I often dream of my dream house, the space, the adventures I have there both inside and outside the walls.

Take good care of yourself, enjoy the inner energy and continue to embrace it the way you are, you are an incredibly strong young woman and I am blessed to know you. Looking forward to meeting you next weekend.

(( hugs ))

Helen xx

Suzi Smith said...

Funny you just posted this... when i was out this am i was feeling thankful that i can go out amongst nature so easily and thought of you... if you were here whether we could park close enough to this bit or that... and that even in town people can still connect & journey... much love x

Blue Witch said...

Wonderful finds! Boot sales down here aren't worth going to any more, sadly: all the good stuff gets sold on eBay.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I wake up full of enthusiasm which usually lasts until I have had my breakfast then it sort of dwindels away.
I wish I could capture that enthusiasn and make it last throughout the day. Maybe one day.

I plan places to see and things to do in my mind and hopefully one day I will manage to do them once again.

Wishing you a day full of promise and enthusiasm.

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