December 01, 2009

December arrives with a very heavy frost

First of December and it arrived with a very heavy frost. The moon last night was so clear and bright, you could see the frost rime around her. we were glad that the winter duvet had come out of store on Sunday. This morning everywhere was white. I love the light you get on days like these, it shimmers.
Mr Mog has almost finished his shed fitting out, despite the very cold weather. Maybe the work is keeping him warm?
It has tried to snow a few times this afternoon a true sign of winter me thinks?
The spinning is going well I am really enjoying seeing the fibre turning into yarn. I'm around half way on the solstice shawl and pleased with how it is coming out. I've dried the latest lot of hand spun and I think I am going to attempt socks for me out of it. Several people have told me that knitting and wearing hand spun socks is far superior to the sock yarns you can purchase. It intrigues me so I want to try the idea.
Haven't felt like going too far in this weather, it is far too cold for me. I'm wearing extra layers in the house to keep warm. We are having lots of what I call comfort food, mashed potatoes, soups and occasional pudding. I don't have puddings too often as I am not very active so don't like to overeat. However an occasional treat is fine:)
This past week we have enjoyed pear cake with custard and rice pudding with dried strawberries.
There is some pear cake left for tomorrow when my son comes to visit, he has a sweet tooth and as it was his birthday this past weekend I'm sure he will enjoy this instead of birthday cake:)
Winter Solstice draws ever near and the turn of the wheel towards the light. I am always a little pleased when November is over and we trip lightly into December. November depresses me for some reason, it always has done. I think the adjustment to the clock makes it worse. Short wet days, as we have had this past month make the month longer.
Today's full moon is one of 2 for December which gives a Blue Moon, I always think of these as special magical times. Normally a blue moon occurs around every 2 years.


Antoinette said...

That's right! You've reminded me Ambermoggie that it's a Blue Moon this time 'round.

I have to agree that I'm always a bit happier when December rolls around. Even though our weather is the opposite of yours, I always find November a difficult month. I can't remember a year where I wasn't just rushing through it and feeling overcommitted.

The Solstice shawl sounds delish! Can't wait to see a pic.

Oh and pudding is good. I find it to be not only comfort food, but sane-making food as well. Which is why I made a blueberry-choc crumble the other night : )

Blue Witch said...

Our first hard frost of the year last night too.

Glad the shed is resolving. Hope it turns into all Mr Mog wishes.

And Blue Moons... my favourite, of course :)

Laura said...

So glad I stopped by, I always notice your comments on Sue's blog and just got too curious today to not find out who this ambermog cat/person is! I too am a lover of fact in college I was considered a yarn geek...I could spend hours in the knitting lab, forgetting to eat and winding my own color blends of yarns onto a cone for my unique palette...I miss those long ago now! It was like magic watching the colors twine together!

I see the moon rising right now through the trees behind my house, no blue yet, but I'll keep looking over my shoulder this evening, just in case.

gentle steps,

Roobeedoo said...

I never knew a Blue Moon was a real thing! Certainly it was a very clear night when I took the dog out across the fields in the "dark".
Handspun socks sound like a very satisfying goal!

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