December 27, 2009

Of gifts and thoughts

Today the sun is shining, the snow has finally disappeared. After a few days of horrendous roads full of layers of packed ice and snow it is a pleasure to be able to travel. We managed to get to our friends and family for Christmas Day all be it at 3rd gear or less. We enjoyed ourselves very much and came home yesterday morning.
Today we decided to go into the park and see how the creatures were doing after all the bad weather. This picture is almost spring like isn't it?
Mr Mog with his bag of goodies for the birds and squirrels. No snow as you can see.
Indeed here you can see all the new buds sprouting.
But as you can see the park still had lots of snow.
Some paths were too dangerous to go on.
We received some lovely thoughtful presents.
This set from DD, she loves sheep and thought we might like these. Can you see the black sheep tea cosy?
The following gifts were from Mr Mog.
2 new books to journal in, the rainbow one very apt as you will see:)
The box on top was from our friend's mother where we go for Christmas. She is currently in New Zealand with her son and his family. Apparently it is the hottest Christmas they have had there.
Her daughter, gave us the lovely chest of drawers you see beneath the box. M always picks gorgeous gifts for us. The picture is a little shaky but isn't it gorgeous?
Mr Mog gave me these batts from Laal Bear's shop. They are called moon nights and have glittery silver strands in the middle. I will really love spinning this up. It comprises merino, trilobal nylon, alpaca silk.
Then the piece de resistance. Just look what he asked our friend Sue to create for me. Can you read the quote? Live your life in full colour. Very apt as I love colour very much:)
I hope you all had a peaceful joyous time with family and friends.


dominiqueknitting said...

very nice to receive thoughtfull presents like that, not just a standard gift certificate

bee*in*the*balm said...

i love that tea set, how thoughtful!
it looks more like easter in your yard than xmas

CJ Kennedy said...

Love the adorable lambies on the teapot and cups, The color of the wool to spin is heavenly. I always think of wool as kind of scratchy, but this looks so soft. And Poppie's work is just delicious!

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