December 30, 2009

Blue Moon Eve

It is the eve of the Blue moon, a special moon and especially so this year as it falls on the Eve of new year also.

A great post on it here

Wikipedia has this to say on the subject

A trine really and I like threes:) Full blue moon, new year and new decade all starting.

A very special time to tune into the Lady Moon and all her energies. A time to think about where you are and where you choose to be in the future. Indeed what you choose to be.
A chance to offer something back, as you meditate or muse on the energies of the moon ask yourself what you can offer.
My nan always called this a giving night ,when the moon reaches its fullness for the second time in a month. She used to say that it is all too easy to ask for something and not as easy to give.
I will take the time to think how I can help, not in a large showy way but something simple. It is the art of giving not the amount.
On the eve of this special blue moon I wish you all a happy , healthy,creative and loving new year.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, tomorrow night will be a night of power!

Nettles said...

And there's apparently an eclipse too! Quite a hum-dinger.

I love the idea of a blue moon being a "giving night". I think that's a lovely way to think of it.

Wishing you a very, very happy New Year Ambermoggie, and the best of health, wishes and dreams for 2010!

Joanna said...

Thankyou for this post Amber, I never knew that a 'blue moon' was a real occurrance, thankyou for enlightening me!

Blue Witch said...

Happy New Decade to you both. Hope it will be a better one for you.

Pinched your links to Blue Moon, thanks!

Suzi Smith said...

Lovely post amber, i too like the idea of it being a giving night... nettles beat me to it, i was going to add the partial eclipse (slight shadow at bottom right)... as I type in the uk. Max shadow at 17:22 ends 21:28

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