December 30, 2009


Colour is an important thing in my life. It lifts my spirits and it inspires me. I love all colours especially bright ones. I find that different colours cause different reactions in me and from that I can create.
At the moment my spinning colours seem to be following some kind of theme, both in what I've purchased and what I've created.
This is merino silk I can't remember who I purchased it from or what dyer it was. I wasn't too sure about spinning it when I first started as the fibre dragged in to the wheel too quickly. I suspect that was my inexperience. I put it away for a week or two then went back to it.
Still wasn't too sire so I spun the first bobbin fairly thickly.
After a while I noticed it was much easier to spin so the second bobbin was spun finely. Plied I now have 214yards from just under 100gm and i love the colours in it, they remind me of snowy sunrises.
BTW on all these pictures you will notice the skeins still have coloured thread, haven't untied it yet so don't think there are sudden bursts of a strange colour in the skein:)

This is a bit better picture of the Mandacrafts Falkland I showed you the other day. It has now been washed and set. From 194gms I managed to get 599yards . I love the different tones of purple that you see as the yarn moves. I think this may be something for me knit up.
Now this yarn is Blue faced Leicester fibre that I dyed to represent fields in early winter when the crops have been harvested. I've called this fallow fields.
I wasn't too sure as I spun it it felt hairy, almost mohair fibre or alpaca. But it got better and the finished yarn is rather nice. Socks possibly or a hat? There are 253 yards from 100gm.
I'm currently spinning more Falkland tops in woodland colours, from Mandacrafts again.
I want to Navajo ply this to keep the colours true.
Looking out the windows today it is very grey and dark so colour in my craft room lifts my spirits. As I look around I can see the vivid scarlets of the Equinox shawl, red femmes, bright oranges in some yarn waiting knitting and a veritable rainbow of colour peeking out from boxes and drawers.
Colour I love you.

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