November 29, 2009

Finished projects,shawls and yarn

As promised photos of finished projects in knitting and spinning.
This is the second shawl knit from my hand spun yarn. A little slubby and thick and thin in parts but I like that about it. I plyed the yarn with mohair and a glitter thread to add interest.
I was going to thread glittery yarn through the holes but I've decided that it doesn't need it, would be overkill.
Then the silky furry shawl is finished. It is very hard to take a true picture of it, you can't see the sheen or feel the lushness of it.

Think this will be going in the Winter Solstice gift pile
I have also finished spinning my finest yarn to date.
This is Spin a Rainbow from Mandacrafts. 200gm of Falkland tops in shade Heather.

See the finest of the spinning?
From 200gm I spun 571 yards. So 285.5 yards per 100gm, I think that is around double knit:) I see socks in its future.
I also spun 100gm of Yarn Yard shetland tops.

I am equally pleased with this as I obtained 287.5 yards from the 100gm. There again double knit weight I think.
Today is very dark and very wet. Not a day for doing much outdoors so spinning beckons once more.


aniexma said...

Very impressive!

I've not yet mastered spinning.

And "not mastered" is an understatement...

Sea said...

still waiting for my drop spindle.
I love the shawls. Am currently sewing up a cardigan, just last sleeve seam to do. Was going to bake...but soft marg

Roobeedoo said...

Ooh - lovely! I agree the purple shawl has enough going on without added glitter - it's perfect as it is.

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