December 10, 2009

Intelligence from book of Qualities

This was the page today from the Book of Qualities by J Ruth Gendler


Sometimes Intelligence is safe and sometimes intelligence is dangerous.
When he is in a reassuring mood you leave his house walking lightly and singing to yourself because everything makes sense.
Other days you go to see him and he tears up your notes or sends you back on the road even though you really want to stay home.
If intelligence is in the mood for facts he may interrogate you for hours.
Intelligence does not go to parties much. He is very popular when he does show up. Everyone knows him but no one knows where he will turn up.
You may find him in the upstairs bedroom talking to the children or outside on the back porch telling bad jokes. Intelligence listens well. He is no stranger to silence.
Intelligence is Intuition's favourite lover. It is thought that theirs is an attraction of opposites, but they are more similar than they first appear.
Other people tried to keep them apart for years by telling each of them vicious stories about the other. When you see them dance it is clear they have been through the fire. They like to make up stories together.
Intelligence knows how to use words to make music and how to use words to make pictures. He thinks in black and white, but he dreams in colour.
Intelligence takes photographs with his inner eye. He paints with logic.
Intelligence loves surprises and he is not afraid to change his mind.


Blue Witch said...

I do like this one.

Interesting research in the media this week (eg R4) about working memory being the best measure of 'intelligence'.

Oh dear, we're all becoming dimmer as we get older then ;)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wonderful imagery!

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