December 06, 2009

Of bobbins and bugs

The title says it all today, lots of bobbins to show you and I am full of some bug or other. Typical ENT, sore throat, bunged up nose and sore ears. Oh and a head that is full of cotton wool with it all. I'm dosing myself up and have lots of vitamin c and lemon drinks. Didn't sleep well night before last and last night didn't sleep at all it seemed. Every few minutes blowing nose isn't conducive to good sleep.
But, I'm awake the sun is shining in between the rain showers so it isn't all bad.

Mr Mog is busy planning the design on his Kiwi wheel, I've design ideas for my traveller now, something to do with cats I think but not too many. They would mess with the yarn and fibre if I had too many I think.

I have quite a bit of yarn spun and awaiting plying and I thought you might like to see it.

First up 2 more bobbins of Yarn Yard Shetland roving. You can't see from the picture but there is a subtle shading in this.

Next 2 bobbins of glitzy fibre from the Laal Bear in my colours. Very much amber moggie colours these and the touch of glitter in the batt adds a sparkle to the yarn

Finally Falkland tops from Mandacrafts on etsy. I've another bobbin of this almost ready on the wheel. I like to have several bobbins waiting to ply and then enjoy the way the 2 bobbins turn into 1 hopefully lovely yarn:)

Then a picture of all the bobbins together, I love the colour contrasts here.


Sea said...

as always they look beautiful, and no doubt you will turn it into something spectacular and unique.

Blue Witch said...

I can't believe how brilliantly even your spinning is!

Eucalyptus oil. Worn as perfume. Works a treat.

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohhh lovely! looking at these bobbins and the wonderful colors make me want to reach through the screen and feel them!

aniexma said...

Beautiful bobbins of yarn. You've really taken to this quickly!

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