December 24, 2009

And so the wheel turns once more with joy and sorrow balanced.

At this time of year we remember family and friends who are no longer with us, no longer able to enjoy the get together that Christmas brings. It is always a poignant time, made worse this year as we are awaiting a phone call to inform us of yet another death:(
There has to be a balance I know but that doesn't mean it has to be easy to accept.
The phone call? My DD's partner's father. He is on morphine and family have been told it is only a matter of days:( Very sudden as we thought the hospital were on top of his condition, apparently not.
Not much Christmas spirit here sorry.
Where ever you are may your day be filled with much joy and love.


laoi gaul~williams said...

sorry to hear your sad news at this time

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The sacred spiral of life continues with its joys and sorrows.

Sea said...

On Tuesday I visited my parents with Yule gifts. My middle child, Oliver, came with me...everytime I see my dad these days..he looks more and more poorly..depiste having had a "life saving" heart op almost 2 years back.
As we drove away...Oliver commented that "Grandad isn't very well"....Am glad it is not just in mu mind mind. He's still here...but so much of his spirit is "in between" right now...he isn't the same.

Lynn said...

Amber, So sorry to hear this, you and Laal Bear both with sorrow at this time of light...May the love of the Lord and Lady comfort you and your family at this time. Lynn

Blue Witch said...

Hope you've had a happy day nonetheless.

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