December 10, 2009

In memory

10 years ago today my mother died. We didn't have an easy relationship at all until the last few years before she died. It was Mr Mog's influence that reconciled us somewhat although it was hard for me after my dreadful childhood at home (and indeed even beyond that) which was all down to my dad mainly but some to my mum if I am honest. No matter we did make peace and I think had some sort of relationship prior to her death. Although thinking back, when she was ill in hospital and wanted to come home before she lapsed into the somnolent state prior to death she said I'm not coming to your house I'll go to one of your sisters:) Guess we both had an uneasy wariness around each other.
You are remembered mum and tonight I will light a candle as always for you, after all without you I wouldn't be here so some good came from it all.

I'm still very wheezy and very sore but did have some sleep last night propped up on a mountain of cushions. These chest infections always sap my energy and take a lot of getting over, I'm drinking lots of fluids and that helps.
I did win 2 games of Scrabble last night against Mr Mog so the brain is in no way impaired:)

1 comment:

Blue Witch said...

Mothers, eh? They have a lot to answer for...

Glad you got some sleep. Makes everything more tolerable.

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