September 17, 2009

Welcoming Autumn's beauty

The fading of the leaves and a change in the light of a morning and evening.
The brilliance of the sunsets, such vivid colours seem as if a child had painted the sky with their impressions of a sunset.
The balance that appears more noticeable at this turn of the wheel. Fading glory but ripe luscious fruit on all the boughs.

It is sometimes hard to accept the move towards winter, the short , short days but balanced by longer nights. The colder spells.
Look at it another way. cold helps to kill off all the germs my nanny always said. Nature's way of spring cleaning.
I never understood it for a long while but it is true. Her spring cleaning starts early. By cleansing she makes room for new growth.

The longer nights are a nurturing healing time after all the energy we use during the long days of summer.
In these modern times we aren't able to live as the old ones did. After all we have electric lighting when it goes dark.

But we can spiritually and mentally. We can turn inward, have quiet times to recharge our spiritual bodies and our batteries.

It is also a good time to reflect on the things we have achieved. What is our harvest?
What dreams have we made real?

Dreams = seeds into fruit.

I woke this morning with the knowledge that my harvest doesn't have to be a huge crop.
Look at nature, one fruit is to be celebrated.
It can be something as simple as a realisation of my place on the wheel of life.
It can be a real "thing" such as learning to spin or knitting a large item that actually fits me perfectly. Made to measure in fact.

All our triumphs are to be honoured and given thanks for.
Not just major achievements.

Autumn always affects me strongly. The beauty of the colours strikes deep within my soul. A chord of recognition that we are all part of that same marvellous journey around this wheel of life.

The symbol of which, the tree, is prevalent in many faiths.

And what grows on trees? Fruit of course:)


Sea said...

beautiful pictures, and beautiful sentiments. Have been trying to photograph a spider on it's web tonight, not sure if I suceeded, have yet to upload from camera.

Blue Witch said...

The pictures complement your words perfectly.

Me cave woamn - it's dark? I want to be in bed.

Suzi Smith said...

wonderful pictures & wise words.... once again you write the words that float around my head! The colours of autumn.... beautiful x

Artis-Anne said...

Great post Amber and like you Autumn is my time of year in all its diversity and colour.
The older we get the more we can learn and share ;)

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