September 12, 2009

Of sunsets and first spinnings.

Last night had the first of the stunning autumnal sunsets. Just look at these untouched pictures.
Don't they just inspire you to create? Well they do me:)
You only really get a glimpse in these photos, to actually be outside watching the transformation of the sky was an experience not to be missed.

The best sunset I've seen for quite a while.
Part of me wishes we had gone up to the prom to watch the sunset, but by the time we got there it would have been waning.
Best to seize the moment and the pictures at home.
Don't you agree?
Who would want to miss the glory of this?

I've started another Elsewhere jacket. The colours were supposed to reflect the leaves and trees at this time of year before autumn turned them to her reds and oranges.
Methinks the Goddess had other ideas as these are more towards spring into summer colours.
No matter, I love them anyway.
They don't look too bad knit up do they?
Then Tilly our new Ashford Traveller wheel decided to have a trip up to Cumbria to see a friend of ours. While there Cae showed me how she spins and drafts fibre. I'm very pleased so far with progress. It is getting finer:)
I took up the blue purple mix I'd first spun on the Ashford Traditional and Cae taught me how to Andean ply. Mr Mog took a tracing of the plyer in order to make me one. Andean plying works if you only have one bobbin of yarn or small bits on bobbins left apparently.You can use your hand but if you are less than dexterous or have hand problems like I do then a piece of equipment made to measure is ideal.
So I started with this bobbin of hand dyed BFL

and ended up with this gorgeous skein:) I am so proud of it:)

Next post has lots of pictures to celebrate the return of autumn, you have been warned;)


aniexma said...

Gorgeous sunset snaps! And the skien of handspun is excellent, you're inspiring me to try spinning again.

Laal Bear said...

A nicely balanced yarn there Amber . Hmmm me thinks you've caught the spining bug big time :0)

Blue Witch said...

Looks jolly good to me!

Is the Traveller easier than the Traditional?

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