September 27, 2009

I promised you knitting.

I promised you knitting so here goes.
The autumn greenery jacket is finished. Here you see it taking a little early evening sun with the very berry elsewhere jacket.

I really love the colours in this despite them not being what I set out to dye. I had it in mind to dye autumn greenery as a more faded and darker green. Seemed the dyeing fairy had other ideas. That notwithstanding I love it and the fit is perfect.
The colours blend yet don't which is just what I wanted. Why have matching sleeves and fronts if you don't have to?
This was going to be Autumn greenery Elsewhere jacket as I said but the goddess had other ideas as I dyed the yarn.
What was going to be faded greens going darker and more fragile became spring greens. The beauty of the trees awakening and unfurling their leaves. No two trees have the same shades of green so my jacket reflects all the green spectrum.
Sometimes the Goddess takes a hand. Autumn's glory has within it Spring's awakening.
It comes from there via the nurturing touch of winter's earth.
Could be her way of reminding me once more that the wheel is always turning.
We live on a spiral so we are always moving onwards and outwards.
From the faded ideas and completed projects can grow new plans, new dreams and new hopes.
The trick is to move with the energy not at right angles to it.
To be open to growth at the right time and to know when to be quiet and let the seeds germinate.
Sometimes I feel I miss the messages. My ears aren't tuned in or I hear and don't decipher the words.
Awareness can be lost in the day to day things if I am not in the now.

I did mention I wanted to knit another Elsewhere jacket. This will be my Winter Blues jacket.
Dyed in honour of the winter Solstice and the dark velvet nights of that portion of the wheel.

What do you think? Have I captured it do you think? This time I was listening.

Then I was out of dyed aran to start another so had to have something on the needles.

Here you see the sunny day socks. These are for me to wear of an evening while sitting reading, knitting or the like. I have very bad circulation and always feel cold so these will be ideal for winter. The yarn is some double knit alpaca merino I dyed some months back.
Very speedy knit as it is double knit yarn. Very warm also.

There has also been spinning and here you see the latest yarn off the bobbins

Fibre was from limegreenjelly and spun beautifully for this newbie. Didn't half leech a lot of colour when the yarn was set though. The water was vivid green:(
I'm very pleased with this, it is still thick and thin but it is getting better I think.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the names you give to your projects -- they're so evocative!

Sea said...

The yarns are beautiful. On the cards eventually for me is making another skirt and dyeing it

Jean said...

The last yarn you spun is so very soft and nice looking, there are lots of patterns out there for thick/thin yarn too. Your merino & alpaca socks look so warm and cozy, it is still so very hot in Southern California, wish I could send a little of the warmth through your blog.

artyfartykat said...

Wow, Amber, your elsewhere jackets are stunning! I must take a look at that pattern!
Your freshly dyed yarn really captures the spirit of winter, those rich,deep blues and purples are beautiful.
Many thanks again for passing on my s.o.s!!
Take care x

Blue Witch said...

Wonderful colours as always. Love the greens. I'm rather stuck in that palette myself at the moment. I wonder why?

Antoinette said...

It's knitting porn! The colours are just beautiful. What always strikes me al the time about your colours is how deliciously soft they are. They're so lush.

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