September 28, 2009

It is a time

It is a time of sleeping long and late. Of weird dreams that range far and wide, some unsettling. A time of heavy eyes when waking up.
Energy is lacking yet things get done, many things.
Autumn Equinox is a strange time.
There is that definite swing of the year over to the dark winter side. You can see it happening by the shorter days and even longer nights. It is dark by 7pm now.
You can tell by the colours changing on the leaves and flowers.
Yet, in amongst this there is still the light.
The bounty of fruit and vegetables in abundance. The blood red of the hips and haws in the late sunshine.
So much to celebrate still.
Maybe the heavy sleeps and strange dreams are my own preparations for the winter. Making sense of my harvest and my fruit.
What seeds we planted, in some cases knowingly and with full attendant rituals.But others involuntary and they are also coming to fruition now.And for those not following the same path as us, "supposed" knowing ones, although that is the wrong word . They too will have planted ideas, dreams and hopes. Not in a pagan ritual way but still planted.
Those are now coming to harvest also. Not everyone has positive hopes. Is this why the current state of the world and all around us?
Unscrupulous seeds planted by controlling evil people?
Swine flu, is it natural or test tube made?
Financial crisis - is that all a deliberate media way to control us even further?
All a control mechanism or not?
Why do I fear this world for my children and my grand children?
What are we leaving them with? Will it change?
I suspect not.
Many times Mr Mog and I say we were glad to be born when we were. Will they be?
Pixie Sue blogged about being honest on our blogs and not just writing the good things. She is right, we need to write all that is within us.
Not for anyone else but for our selves. To make sense, if we can, of what is happening.
If someone else gets some comfort or a sense of deja vu from that, knowing that we are all going through similar things, then so be it.


Blue Witch said...

I think there are far too many people in blogland who wallow in gloom and despondency, and fail to see beyond that to the good they have, and how lucky they are in the overall scheme of things. Sometimes I feel I'd like to buy certain people a one-way ticket to Africa, for a reality check.

It's lovely to read some well-constructed realism here.

Not everyone has positive hopes. Is this why the current state of the world and all around us? Unscrupulous seeds planted by controlling evil people?

Define 'evil' and I'll answer this.

mel said...

Oh my Goddess....

Suzi sent me here in quest of shawls -- after I bemoaned finding the Perfect Shawl -- I am swooning over the colourful witchy goodness...will you sell me one? Please, pretty please...

sorry for being so bold.....*grin*

~brightest blessings~

Anonymous said...

Hello don't mind if I call you that do you...I can't find your "real" name.
Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting me here in the mountains of North Wales...I don't know how people are finding their way up here to me but I'm glad that they are!

About the way you are feeling as the year draws to a close...this is just how I always feel as the nights draw in...there is still much to see outside...but I want to wind down and rest...(mind you, I have a lovely dose of the flu at the moment, so maybe that's colouring my outlook more)!

As for the media are spot on!

And about the being honest on our blogs, this is a very good point...why would we want to lie?
It would mean we are trying to deceive people, that in itself shows that we have a problem somewhere in our lives doesn't it?

I am so pleased to meet you "Mog" and look forward to visiting you again.

Sue Simpson said...

WEll look what the Pixie has created....

Love ya Mog,
Sue xxx

stormina_teacup said...

I found this post a joy to read - beautifully written and honest. Thanks for sharing.

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