September 12, 2009

Autumn shares her beauty while butterflies frolic in the sun.

I woke up this morning with the thought of woods and being amongst trees. As I wasn't able to go walking in woods we did the next best thing and visited our local arboretum and agricultural college. It was wet, there had been a very heavy dew and it made for soggy feet but it was well worth it.
The colours in the morning sunshine were so vivid and we had what can only be described as a magical moment.
These following few pictures are just a few of the dozens of butterflies that we saw on the sedum. It was the most incredible sight, every time we moved clouds of butterflies rose from the flowers.
I think this part of the garden was most aptly named don't you?
It was extremely hard to get pictures of the butterflies as they were enjoying the nectar in the sunshine.

We managed a few pictures though:)

We saw at least 5 different varieties of butterfly in just a small section of the gardens.

The college also has many varieties of apple and pear. Sadly the same as last year they don't appear to be picking the ripe apples. We saw many left to rot on the ground.
The evening primrose were in full flower.

These apples were just such a vivid red, I wonder if this was the variety used in Snow White?
I love the clematis seed heads.
The only good side of the rotting fruit is that it feeds the creatures in the grounds.
I'm wondering if they also grow other dyeing plants apart from Madder? Must ask next time we visit. It would be nice to suggest a dyeing corner perhaps?
Aren't these flowers perfect for Autumn colours?

This is one of the entrances to the kitchen garden.
So many varieties of tree to be seen. Your eye is drawn down this path to see what lies at the other end.
The fungi have started to appear.

They have several Sequoia around.
They pull you in to explore further.

Lots of paths leading to other places.
A living seat and table that were extremely wet.There were still water lilies coming into flower on the pond.

More fungi that had been nibbled, possibly rabbits as there were droppings everywhere.

This one reminds me of a Cobra, waiting to strike.

Leaves are just starting to turn here.

Such a stunning silvery grey

Can you see the moon?
Fallen leaves everywhere.
and the other sign of autumn, spider webs by the dozen.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the arboretum with us.


aniexma said...

The spiderwebs look just like a flock of butterflies!

Blue Witch said...

Gorgeous :)

I think your cold weather has finally reached us today. We spent the day sat in a field with Mi1dred. I am very cold now!

I haven't seen fungi down here yet.

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