September 08, 2009

Berries indeed:) and Tilly joins the family.

I started with this, dyed to reflect the colours of the fruits that are in abundance at this time.

I finished with this which I am so thrilled with. I love the way the colours blended as I knit it and I love the richness of the finished jacket.

It blends perfectly with the fruits, don't you agree? A memory of Nature's abundance whilst wearing it throughout the winter.

I do love this pattern as you can probably tell:)
Back view, just as full of berry stains as the front is.

So what will be next on the needles?

I'm imagining the colours of the trees as they fade slowly in preparation for their Autumn splendour. The bright greens and acid limes fading to a more muted palette. This will be my next project.
In an Elsewhere jacket of course:)

Currently on the needles is a silky shawl in purples and jewel shades, named by a dear friend as Checkers as it reminded her of her Chinese checkers set as a child. I always find it strange what things and smells can evoke memories for us all.
A lovely day with good friends yesterday. We were going to go to our local knit group but became waylaid and didn't actually get there. It may have had something to do with Mr Mog and Megs Man putting a new wheel together for me. It may also have had something to do with Laal Bear having to help them make the finishing touches. You would be proud of me I am sure that I selflessly allowed her to have first turn on the wheel.
She is an Ashford traveller and her name is Tilly. I'll post pictures once I take some.
She has a double treadle and a double drive band , she will be a little easier for me to treadle as well which will help with this rotten health stuff I am having at the moment. Plus side also is that she will travel:)
We had our first day of sunshine yesterday in many days. Laal Bear and I took the opportunity to sit outside for a while and enjoy the warmth of the sun. You can smell and feel Autumn's touch now though. Not just in the morning and at dusk but throughout the day. She moves ever nearer as each day passes.I see where she has travelled when I look at hedgerows and trees. Lots are showing their colours now. I feel a trip to woods will soon be in order to take part in the colourfest.
There is nothing quite like sitting among mature trees and looking up into their canopy. To see the colour progression. You can tell which way the wind blows by how coloured each tree is. The more sheltered areas still have rich verdant leaves. The more windy spots are turning fast.
What will you do to celebrate Autumn?


Blue Witch said...

Beautiful colours!

A lot of our Guild members have Travellers and say they prefer them tot he mroe traditional Asford wheel. I'd be interested to ehar what you feel when you've had a chance to try it out.

I'd never realised the fact about colours and prevailing wind!

We seem to be celebrating autumn by stuffing jars with produce...

aniexma said...


Frances said...

love the finished cardi, it's the colours of the heather and heathland moor outside my window,
the shawl colours sound beautiful,

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