September 26, 2009

Autumn Equinox

As you probably guessed from my previous post we celebrated Mabon or Autumn Equinox in Glastonbury. There was a ritual at Chalice Well but unfortunately, or as it happened fortunately, we missed it by half an hour. I was convinced it started at noon but in the event it was 11am.
I am not a crowd person so wasn't too upset at missing the event especially as it was fairly busy so not easy to get around. We had a little meander that day but decided that our Chalice Well day would be the next one. With that in mind we arrived as the well opened. We had it almost to ourselves. A delight. The Well is a special place to visit at any time of the year but there is something about the festivals that adds a little more sparkle to it.

Just look how they decorated the well head aren't the colours wonderful?
This lady was sitting atop the cover.

Everywhere you look there are paths leading somewhere magical. Doors open to tempt you in.
Magnificent shaped trees that make your fingers tingle when you touch them. So much energy abounds in this garden.
So much love from all the people who have visited through the years and from the people who work here.
The water is rich with iron as you can see.
This reminded me of a winter goddess watching over her domain until the wheel turns once more to her time.
I had the strangest sensation that someone or something was sat in this tree watching us.
A perfect spider web for a perfect day.
The colours were dazzling despite the misty day.
Autumn's glory and a seat to watch the world go by.
This was called the angels seat, we sat here a while waiting for Ark the gardener at the well who was away searching for a piece of wood for us to take home. He gave us a piece of chestnut, pictures later on that. It was quite dry as it had been cut some time ago as part of their care for the trees.

We are going to use it as part of an altar, a little Glastonbury magic in our home.

The trees were just starting to change but this vine on the back wall at the well was in its full glory.
Next post I have dyeing, another Elsewhere jacket and some hand spun for you:) Watch this space.


Sue Simpson said...

Arrrrgggh I'm homesick!!!! lol
Fantastic post, I was there with you :o)

Love Sue xxx

Sue Simpson said...

Arrrgh I'm homesick!
Wonderful and delightful post, I was right there with you!

Love Sue xxx

rho said...

oh thank you for those pictures what a beautiful place

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