September 21, 2009

Equinox greetings from?via?

As it is Autumn Equinox tomorrow we decided to celebrate in a very special place. Somewhere that calls to my heart and soul.
Our route took us past another place close to my heart.
Sadly you can no longer get close to the stones as I used to do

It still fills me with awe and moves me to tears, I was very emotional taking these pictures. Part of me wishes it was easy to just walk among these old sages but I know there are arguments for and against it. I will content myself with my inward journeying among them
The skies down here are so high you could get lost among the clouds. Any ideas where I am yet?
Does this help?
Yes we are celebrating the equinox at Glastonbury, joining the celebrations at Chalice Well tomorrow.
I'll have all my family and friends in my thoughts while we are there. I hope your harvest is all you wish and that this years seeds have become something you desire or need.


Cat Feathers said...

Happy Mabon, Amber :)

You may already know this, but in case you don't: if you figure out what timings will work for you and book in advance, it's still possible to get inside the circle outside of normal visitor hours - it used to be about a tenner apiece:

OH and I went just a few days after summer solstice one year at dawn and were lucky enough to have it to ourselves for an hour. Really an absolutely extraordinary experience.

Sue Simpson said...

You little minx! I've other friends down there at this time too! Sheeeesh! If only I had known. Hope you have a wonderful time and Happy Equinox to you too.

Love Sue xxx

Blue Witch said...

As I read that I just knew you'd gone to Glastonbury.

Hope you had a great time.

Antoinette said...

A very happy Equinox to you! What an enchanting place to be spending it too...I would so love to visit Glastonbury. I'm very drawn to it.

Wishing you and yours the very best of harvest blessings.

Vicky said...

Oh lucky you. I was in Glastonbury last week and love it so much. The apple orchards are looking wonderful. Equinox greetings to you xxx

Priestess~Harper said...

Give Chalice Well my love ~ a wonderful place indeed! And a bright and beautiful Equinox to you hun. :)

Jean said...

What an incredible place to celebrate the Equinox.

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