March 29, 2010


I saw a posting about new Blogger draft and followed a link.
It brought me to a much improved blogger site, one with new templates and more flexibility for uploading your own backgrounds etc.
I thought I'd start slowly with the new spring template. I feel it brightens the blog, don't you?

Today is most definitely NOT spring, it is cold and raining.

Last night's moon was gorgeous though and my pictures do not do it justice.

The night glowed with the moonlight and you could see clearly in the garden.

We have bought some new scented geraniums as mine are getting a little leggy. I've taken cuttings from them but these are new fragrances.
I've got one that smells of pine, one of rose and one of a lemon/rose combination. All very aromatic.
Template, the Oxford dictionary definition is interesting
ORIGIN probably from temple a device in a loom for keeping the cloth stretched, from Old French. Very appropriate for this blog me thinks:)


Suzi Smith said...

Looks nice n fresh!! The moon was lovely last night wasn't she... but my camera's broke, boo hoo.

Vicky said...

Love the new look blog, lovely fresh spring colours.

Blue Witch said...

I saw the moon at 2am last night (don't ask!) and thought of you.

Good to hear that Blogger are finally getting it together after all these years... 2003 and me saw them part company. Never look back...

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