March 14, 2010

Mothers Day

It is Mothers Day here in the UK. I didn't get a simnel cake but I did get these gorgeous British tulips from my daughter:) My son actually remembered this year and I'll be receiving his gift tomorrow when we meet for coffee.
We went to see MiL this morning and had a lovely drive up.
Weather was good, no frost and sunshine. Perfect for a trip to the Lake District.
MiL is doing quite well although we are concerned over her legs, the doctor is going to visit tomorrow. I'm worried that it looks like the start of ulcers so I'm very pleased the home is keeping an eye on her.
Mr Mog and I had to visit primary care yesterday evening. I've had a very painful hand for 2 days now and last night noticed that there was a lump under the thumb and that my arm was swollen with quite a bit of fluid around the spot. After ringing the doctors we were sent to primary care, fortunately just 10 minutes from home. It is a ganglion but mighty painful:(
As you can see from this little daffodil Spring is appearing in our garden:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What gorgeous tulips! Hope the ganglion goes away soon.

Lynn said...

Amber, Beautiful tulips! They are one of my favorite flowers and always seem a sign of spring. Sorry to hear you are not doing as well as I would wish, but am glad it is not anything serious. I love the green shawl that you shared the picture of. What pattern do you use? I think I may have asked once before, but can't remember for sure. I am knitting a greenish one for myself but am not very fond of the pattern. Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Lynn

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