March 13, 2010

Colour and finished objects

Colour means so much to me. It lifts my spirits when I am feeling low and it makes me smile.
I dislike wearing dull clothes and always try to wear something colourful.

Too much can be bland and boring in this life and I am determined that I'll keep wearing bright colours instead of bleugh ones.

I like crafting with bright colours also. The brighter the better especially in the dark half of the year.
I've entered a fibre scraps swap on Rav, we each send in 100g or 200g of a fibre and in return we receive selections of everyone else's. I'm hoping that means I'll end up with many bright colours to spin together.
This is my fibre, blue faced Leicester which is my favourite fibre. I wanted to send colours and fibre that I'd like to receive.

I've finished my latest shawl. The yarn is mohair from the Wool Clip in Cumbria, although I purchased it from someone's destash on Rav. You've already seen some of the green used with a darker green in a shawl. Picture here. although that bears no resemblance to this one where it is used alone.
A touch of spring green in time for the Spring Equinox and a new pattern for me with holes:) Lace even;)
A very easy pattern to follow.

There has been spinning, this yarn was done on the traveller. Not quite as bright as the picture suggests it is really more of a cherry pink.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love, love, LOVE bright colours too! I hate seeing women walking around dressed like the little brown wren. Life's too short to just fade into the background!

bee*in*the*balm said...

lovely green shawl and fibers! someone will have a great time spinning that up.

Sea said...

I love seeing other people's finished projects :) The shawl looks lovely.

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