March 23, 2010


Why do kiwi fruit have a sign on that says "ripen at home" yet go from rock hard to uneatable?
Why do pears say ready to eat yet never are?
Why do supermarkets put inedible fruit on sale yet market it as if they were doing us a favour with all the "ripe, ready to eat" claims?
Why do electrical goods come with a built in obsolescence and a life of just one day over the guarantee, or be last year's model in less than a year?
Why is their replacement billed as new and improved? Why can't we have the old unimproved?
Not all of us want an electronic monster in the kitchen that takes an engineering degree to operate. Is this one of the reasons people want to return to the old ways?
A simpler life?
Can't there be a halfway path? Not as all fired progressive, not as back to nature with no electronic help mates, but a balanced in between?
Is the reason for the lack of spirituality the excess of gadgetry and consumerism?

I want some modern accoutrements.
Yes I appreciate a fridge, a freezer, a washing machine and cooking facilities.
Yes I like my computer and my central heating.

But I don't need the latest this or that.
I too have been seduced by an 1p0d and yes it is handy to have all my music accessible without getting up to change CDs. Especially on the too painful days.

But not a necessity.
Yes I have a microwave but use it seldom and then mainly for my wheatie bags for pain relief.

I walk my spiritual path in the most honest way I can.

I follow the wheel of the year and the path of the moon.

I honour Deity in which ever form She or He appears.

The challenge for me is to balance the spiritual and physical lives.

I suspect it is for most people.

It isn't easy.

I don't always get it right.

But I try.

How about you?

This picture was taken on the promenade today, isn't it wonderful?
Not sure who made it


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's true -- the balancing act between our spiritual lives and our lives in the "real world" is, well, a real balancing act. I don't know that anyone gets things entirely balanced. But to attempt it, one needs a very good B.S. Detector -- to ward off false claims from consumerism and all the other "isms" of our society!

FairiesNest said...

You hit the nail on the head when you write of the balancing act. It's an ongoing struggle for all of us.

Sea said...

The pic looks good..know where it is..didn't go that way today
dunno why but equinox feels right for me tomorrow!

Lynn said...

Wow, I started to ask if you had had a bad day, but after reading down through the post, I get the entire thing. I frequently be-moan the fact that my spiritual life is not what I would like it to be and yet frequently spend the day parked in front of the "idiot box" knitting. The knitting is good, the tv not so much. Keep sharing your views on things, they help.

Blue Witch said...

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

I too thought exactly the same about ripen at home fruit (especially kiwis and avocados) last week. I now take them back, every time, if they fail to become edible. The CSAs hate me. But, it's the only way of getting the message across to the buyers. I also take stuff back to the market greengrocer...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of leaving a bit of art that does no damage to its environment, cannot be valued, bought or sold and lasts as long as nature, and perhaps the odd dog and late night reveller, decide.

oh and hello!

Vicky said...

Yes I also try but don't always get it right. One of the things I've been trying to do lately is, before I buy something, ask myself if I really need it, and I don't use chemicals for cleaning any more. But yes, I like my Ipod, computer etc.

Stormina_Teacup said...

oOo I do love to come across those surprise bits of art - In the autumn there was a man in the park raking leaves into huge pictures - one of a huge horse - they were fantastic. I like to make little ones when I'm oout and about - but usually on a much smaller scale! Lx

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