March 09, 2010

a miscellany

A miscellany today, where to begin?

It is a gorgeous day today but there is still much snow across on the mountains. It is nice to feel the tentative warmth of the sun and it gives hope of summer to come.

The saga of Mr Mog's aunt continues. As expected the social services team have reiterated that she does not require the kind of care that residing in a care home would give. In fact at one stage today the senior social worker said that meals on wheels 5 days per week, one meal a day was quite sufficient nutrition? What about the rest of the meals and the 2 missing days?
One would think that social services were expected to pay for care out of their own pockets from the depressing comments I've recently had from them.

It is becoming more unlikely that they will fund anything despite aged aunt being below the financial threshold. I am sure they are hoping that if they keep saying no aunt will back down.
Suffice it to say that the fight hasn't finished, I'm determined to take it as far as I need to if that ensures a speedy answer.
I've been in touch with chief exec of the council involved,also the local MP just for starters.
Methinks or wonders if the election that Goldfish Brown hopes to hold in April may help the case. We shall see.
All I do know is that Aunt wants to move near to her family and she wants some care at this fragile and vulnerable stage. She does not want to be made to jump through hoops for it.

Anyway, on to some spinning.
This fabulous yarn started out as BFL fibre from my good friend Anne who sells fibre and yarn through her etsy shop Mam a Mi. with her daughter. The colours are stunning and the fibre so soft and easy to spin.
From 100g I have spun approx 295 yards.

The bug that I had last week is still hanging about. I'm still having occasional bouts of queasiness and the like. Not as bad as last week but certainly not gone completely.

I'm enjoying spinning on Lulu Lendrum very much, it is very comfortable with the ergonomic shape and exceedingly quiet.
It is mothers day this Sunday and we will be visiting MiL on the day. She is settling well into her care home and looks much better now she is receiving regular meals and 24 hour care.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hang in there!

CJ Kennedy said...

Why is it the social agencies tell you, an aged loved one needs help and when you try to get it, the agency is no where to be found. Hope things improve for you auntie. And I love the color of that yarn!

Blue Witch said...

Unfortunately, in this county, no-one wins against any of the statutory services. They have such watertight procedures/policies that, as long as they can show they are applying them consistently, and to their own criteria, they won't/can't lose any challenge.

I know of lots of people who've been in your position, but I do not know of a single person who's overcome their shortsightedness. Too large, and totally uncaring. But, good on you for giving it a go.

That's why I hate living here so much: everything is a fight, all the time, and the only people who get houses/care/handouts are those who come in through the sea and airports we unfortunately have.

Truly sickening, when she's paid in all her life and contributed lots, and they haven't given anything.

The yarn is gorgeous.

Artis-Anne said...

I do hope you get things sorted for your Aunt , it sickens me to see that someone of her age and situation is getting all this hassle.

Your spinning is lovely and even Amber and I am so glad you enjoyed spinning it

dreamcatcher said...

I do hope you can win through for auntie, that is a truly appalling state of affairs. How on earth can someone think it acceptable to provide meals 5 days out of 7, once per day?! Glad to hear MiL is in good hands though.

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