March 11, 2010

Buying fibre, THIS beginners guide.

I have been thinking about fibre and the purchase of it.
After these few months of spinning I've made myself a rough guide for when I am tempted.

I want;-
Fibre that looks as pretty when spun up as it does in the bag.

Fiber that doesn't leave its colour on your fingers or wheel.

Fibre that doesn't leave its colour in the bowl when you wash it to set the twist.

There is nothing worse than vivid tops that leave the water like ink and the fibre like a washed out former shadow of itself.
If I want muted then I buy muted.

Fibre that comes bouncy in a bag, unplaited.
As a beginner spinner I prefer this. It lets the fibre breathe and I find it easier to spin.
It also has less of a tendency to felting.

Fibre that smells just of the fibre or otherwise has a subtle fragrance.
No moth balls or smoke please as they cause a severe asthma attack for me.

Not too many colours in the tops or batts.
Anything more than 5 0r 6 colours and the resulting yarn is either too busy or tends to merge into nothingness.

The ability to purchase enough for a larger project.
I don't always want to make socks or a hat.

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