February 28, 2008

update on Mr Mog and shawl for Beltaine

Well 3 treatments down, 34 left to go:) These first 3 haven't been too bad for Mr Mog, last night waiting about as the machines broke down was followed by an early morning appointment 9.10am. This meant being up for 6.30 am to be sure we were there for just before 9. This allows for the ritual drinking of water that has to be done before Mr Mog is zapped. The great thing about the early morning appointments is they are speedy we were finished by 9.30am. Tomorrow is another early one and Monday unless they change it is 8am. Good thing is that at least the rest of the day is your own. We are going to have a quiet weekend hopefully doing not much at all. Maybe a walk on the promenade weather permitting. My son is coming tomorrow to help Mr Mog do some of the garden. I think he is trying to do as much as he can before the tiredness kicks in. I've been a little flat past couple of days, I think it is the being cheerful and up beat mode. All of a sudden now the treatment has started I'm worrying. It will pass but for now its a black dog mithering me.
I'm knitting and that helps. I fancy starting another shawl something firey to prepare for Beltain when the treatment will be done. Must get all the yarns out and see what will translate into a beltaine fire shawl:) That will be tomorrow while Mr is gardening. I've also found some rubber stamps I used to use, goddess and so forth so I think I'm going to be selling them as I can't stamp no more, takes too much pressure of the hands.
One thing I want to do Saturday is go to Bolton, there is a knit thing on there and I fancy going to see it.


Crobbles said...

A fierey beltain shawl sound wonderful. It's set me off on yet another train of creative thought.
Looking forward to Saturday. I'm hoping to be there for most of the session and it will be wonderful if you can join us.

Linda said...

I hope your knittery trip at the weekend helps. Take care of yourself as well as Mr Mog.

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