February 27, 2008

February socks and goodies:)

finished february hospice socks and don't they look lovely? Started March hospice socks in posh lucia dune colourway from Kerrie at hipknits. Reminds me of daffodils and spirng flowers/grass and leaves.
Goodies and more goodies:) Lucy J Sent yarn and beads for my elementals, already in use Lucy thanks:)) Wait til you see the pictures. Dian sent oodles of sock yarns as you can see:) Thanks Diana will really enjoy working with these and I do appreciate everyones donations for the hospice. Still time to donate if you wish(VBG) I'll be knitting at leasty all this year for them.
Sursa shawl in noro kureyon with added mohair trim, all from my stash:) made for a friend in Glastonbury.
Mr Mog was very touched by his very first emails and promises to write back probably tomorrow as we are off to hospital shortly for 2nd radiotherapy session. First went fine, day previous and all night he was very concerned and scared about it all but now he has actually started he is much more relaxed. As am I. Thanks for the good wishes and I will be replying to emails soon as I can


Marianne said...

Great socks! I really am absolutely smitten with those first socks, the green and pinkish.. do you recall the yarn? and colourway?

So glad that all went well and that you and Mr.Mog are more relaxed about the treatments... the unknown can be a bit scary, eh? Bravehearts all.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

You have got some lovely colours to choose from for your socks. My favourite colours are reds and purples so those and the shawl are just my choice of colourway. Glad to hear Mr Mog is coping with his treatments. My neighbour is coping better with her nerves now her cancer treatment has started than she did in the lead up. She said the fear of the unknown was worse than the treatment. Tell Mr Mog that my thoughts are with him.

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