February 09, 2008

Goodies:) and socks knit

Look what I've got:)))
The lovely Hannah sent me the most fabulous gift via Sunflower swifts a new just for me swift:)) Isn't it fabulous? Aren't I so very very lucky? Thank you Hannah I will treasure this.
Leading on from this Rita from K&CG sent me some of her stash, there is rowan and so much more. I'm going to make some bags and purses I think for the hospice from this. Thank you Rita:)
Then Ronni chose some beautiful coloured yarns to send me for the sock appeal and an angel pin for me because of my knitting for the hospice:) Thank you Ronni I will really enjoy knitting these up.
next picture is the finished pair of trekking marmalade socks for me I think:) and the start of another pair for the hospice, love that pattern emerging.
I have also cast on a pair of tiger feet socks for February from the yarn Maylin gifted me, pictures tomorrow.

Been quiet as Mr Mog has had a nasty virus this week. It kept him in bed a couple of days and we had to have the doctor visit. One of the nasty symptoms was vertigo which really shook him up. He is a lot better today and we had sunshine(yippee) so we have both spent a couple of hours sitting out in the back garden which has lifted both our spirits.
We have the grandsons coming to stay this evening and we are meeting them at Pizza Hut. DD is paying for us to eat there, not her, just boys and us. So we get the fun of taking them home with us hyper on fizzy pop and gooey desserts:) They actually eat very sensibly so DD and I agree that the occasional junk food is fine.
I haven't done too much crafting this week, partly with Mr Mog being ill but also I've had a down week. Way too much dark days and rain for me. I was so relieved to see the sun this morning.
Tuesday Mr Mog has his scan and we are keeping fingers crossed that his bowel has improved and that he can start the radiotherapy on 26th .


LizzieK8 said...

Neat swift! Please show pics in use!

Sarah said...

Great goodies and socks

Hope you had a lovely time with your grandchildren and that the sacn goes well on Tuesday

Rosie said...

I bet your postman wonders if you have a birthday every week! Sorry to hear about low days for you and Mr Mog, I hope that the weather and the grandchildren will combine to cheer things up.

Roobeedoo said...

What a difference the sunshine makes! Hope its a good week! And hooray for marmalade socks!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to have your grandsons over for pizza and a stay. Nothing like having kids around to bring laughter and normallacy into life. Did they love the dollhouse garage?

Hope you keep having moments in the sun, and that the scans show good news.

BabyLongLegs said...

Ooh..theres some SeeJayneKnit sock yarn in there...squeee....lucky, lucky feet!
Her stuff is lovely :)

And hurrah for the sunshine....its helped my creativity no end this week...!!!

Sarah xXx

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