February 16, 2008

february socks little and large, jitterbug and more:)


A mix of things today for you,
I finished a pair of socks for February and a baby sock:) I'm hoping that it helps prevent second sock syndrome Maylin:))
Yarn was from Maylin for February or I thought it was. After checking out the hospice yarn drawer I find I've made a mistake. Maylin's lovely tiger stripe is still patiently sitting awaiting a turn. Blame it on the fact that when I cast on these socks I did grab the yarn in the dark. Yours will be knit up soon Maylin.
As you can see I have started another sock, no big surprise there then:)
Yarn is posh Lucia , shade Dunes. Gifted by Kerrie from Hipknits. Doesn't it remind you of new spring grass and the new growth on trees?
I am on with the second sock for the mixed colours, its just that I seem to "need" 2 different socks on the go at once. The mini sock is sitting on one of Mr Mog's latest idea, mini sock blockers. Aren't they cute?
The luscious berry yarn is Jitterbug by Colinette and a gift from Maylin for me, not the hospice:) I think it may turn into socks for me:)) I love the colours in this skein.
BTW the lucia yarn, I wound it using my new Sunflower swift from Hannah and doesn't it make winding easy when you have one? It took no time to wizz through the skein.
Definately an improvement on the old way.
No news from the hospital on the last scan so looks like the radiotherapy is a go for 26th February. A relief as Mr Mog is starting to get quite anxious about it. We are hoping to go to Cumbria tomorrow to see Mr Mog's mum, hopefully another lovely day like today weatherwise.
next Thursday we are going to Glastonbury:)))))))))))))))
A dear friend has arranged a couple of nights B&B for us as a cheer up for Mr Mog before the marathon at the cancer centre. Really unbelieveably kind of her and we can't wait. Taking my socks to work on of course:)


Rosie said...

Gorgeous socks, love the baby one. So glad that you're making a pair yourself in amongst all the hospice socks.

And have a wonderful time in Glastonbury: such an inspirational place!

Steph said...

Aw baby sock blockers - how cute! Love the Jitterbug colourway. Have a great time in Glastonbury!

Linda said...

Glastonbury is great, have a nice time. I love the little sock blocker!

Priestess~Harper said...

Haven't been to Glasto for ages. You'll have a fabbie time. :)

BTW stock up on the Aloe Vera juice stuff that you can drink for Mr Mog. No doubt one of the little shoppes in Glasto will have some . . .

Hugs from down here

Mad about Craft said...

Just to let you know I have awarded you 'You make my day' award.

Your socks are lovely!

Joy said...

WhI hope you have peaceful time in Glastonbury. I do love that little sock :-)

Sue Simpson said...

Wonderful to hear you are off to Glastonbury. Get to the Chalise Well and drink some of that healing water...in fact bring back buckets of it! I'll be thinking of you both and can't think of a better place to be for resting and cheering up the spirits.
Love to you both, have a wonderful time.

Love and bright blessings,
Sue xxx

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I have also named you in "You make my Day" on my blog. I wonder how on earth you manage to knit so many socks. I think you cat nap standing up in a corner knitting whilst the rest of us sleep!

BabyLongLegs said...

(hugs) for you both!
Have a fab time at Glastonbury, I hope it ebnergises you both for the road ahead.
Thinking of you both daily :)

Sarah xXx

PS....whilst you are away I shall come and stroke your yarn....just to keep it from feeling lonely ;)

maylin said...

I thought that tiger yarn looked nothing like the socks I knitted...:)

I knew that Jitterbug was yours when I was sorting my sock yarn, the colours are so you.

Hope you have a revitalising time at Glastonbury. If you are driving maybe you can bring lots of Chalice Well water back with you.

Hugs to you both.

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